Professional Collector MicroCertificate Program

The Credit Institute of Canada, Canada's authority in credit education since 1928, is pleased to announce our new Professional Collector MicroCertificate Program, a cost effective and comprehensive approach to collector training. A useful tool for screening potential employees for jobs, benchmarking collection employees, and for independent skill assessment.

The Professional Collector MicroCertificate Program is an online tool that provides training on professional collection processes. It is designed for self-study delivery and consists of two components - theoretical and practical.

A comprehensive recap report for companies or individuals that will be useful for screening potential employees for jobs, benchmarking collection employees, and for independent skill assessment. (optional)

A practical assessment of telephone collection skills through a collection call made to specially trained professional collection assessors. (4 weeks)

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Theoretical And Practical Assessments

The theoretical component of the program requires students to complete the prescribed readings and submit one mandatory written open-book assignment for grading within 4 weeks from the start date. Through a systematic approach, students will learn about the following:

  • Collections Phase I
    • Collection Policy
    • Monitoring Accounts
    • Paper Program
  • Collections Phase II
    • Telephone Collections
    • Skip Tracing
  • Collections Phase III
    • Collection Agencies
    • Legal Remedies

As the marks for the assignment are issued, the instructor will contact the students to schedule the practical assessment portion of the program.

For the practical assessment students will be required to participate in a live collection role play call where they will apply what they have learned and be evaluated for their effectiveness and thoroughness. The focus will be on the following aspects:

  • Proper identification of the consumer and collector
  • Effectively executed demand for payment
  • Proper updating of information
  • Gathering of information
  • Directing the debtor to payment solutions
  • Firm up techniques
  • Communication skills

The practical assessment must be scheduled and completed within 3 weeks of the 4-week deadline date for the written assignment.

Passing Grade

Students must successfully complete both the theoretical and practical components of the program with a minimum grade of 65% to receive the certificate of completion.

Program Material

All of the materials for the National Collector MicroCertificate Program are available for download via the student online course portal.

In addition to the prescribed readings, students have access to a recorded audio/video lecture and audio samples of effective and ineffective collection calls.

Instructor Support/Online Forum

Students interact with their instructor via an online forum. They are expected to post questions in order to enhance their learning.

Additional Information

  • Fees and tuition -  $299.00 + GST/HST

Refund Policy

Fees are non-refundable. Students should assess their position carefully before enrolling. This is a firm policy and no departure is permitted.

Special Features
  • Audio/Video lectures, online 24 x 7
  • Additional notes and reference materials
  • Study at your convenience
  • Open registration all year long
  • Written assessment in 4 weeks
  • Training on professional collection processes
  • A practical assessment of telephone collection skills
  • Graduates receive a certificate