Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

2018 AGM Recap

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Meeting Minutes

  1. The President, Kamla Ramoutar, CCP called the meeting to order at 6:10 pm.
  2. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP called upon Carolin Hwozdyk, CCP to read the Notice of Meeting.
  3. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP called upon Gary York, CCP to report the number present. There were 40 people in attendance, of which 35 were members. 
  4. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP declared this a duly constituted meeting and reminded the attendees that only designated CCP, ACI and CCP (Emeritus) members that are current paid members are eligible to vote.
  5. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP called to adopt the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.
  6. Gail Maguire, CCP made a motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting as published. Seconded by: Nancy Yacoub, CCP. Motion: Carried
  7. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP presented the Outgoing President's speech to the membership.
  8. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP introduced the Board Members and recognized Nawshad Khadaroo, CCP, General Manager of Credit Institute of Canada and Sandra Strangemore, the Chapter’s photographer.
  9. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP called upon the committee chairs to present their annual reports on the activities of their committees for the 2017-2018 fiscal year: Bob Thivierge, CCP (Emeritus) – presented the ACI/CCP (Emeritus) Committee report. Bob Thivierge, CCP (Emeritus) on behalf of Golf Committee Chair, Julie Varey, CCP (absent) – presented the Golf Committee report. Paul Dover, CCP – Presented the By-Laws Committee report. Sanja Pleic, Affiliate – presented a joint Membership/Education and Seminar Committees report Gail Maguire, CCP (Emeritus) – presented the Scholarship & Awards Committee report. Supinder Babra, CCP, CMA – presented an audio-visual Communications report. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP motioned to adopt all Committee Chair reports as read. Mariya Kasyanov, CCP seconded. Motion: Carried.
  10. Gary York, CCP presented the Treasurer’s report. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP moved for its adoption as presented. Seconded by: Paul Dover, CCP. Motion – Carried.
  11. Monica Midoschi, CPA, CGA read her Auditor's report. Gail Maguire, CCP moved for its adoption as presented. Seconded by: Kalina Zeineldin, CCP. Motion – Carried.
  12. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP made a motion for the Auditor to remain as Monica Midoschi, CPA, CGA. Seconded by: Sanja Pleic, Affiliate. Motion – Carried.
  13. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP presented the Nominating Committee report and called for further nominations.
  14. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP made a motion that nominations be closed. Seconded by: Michelle Niles, CCP. Motion – Carried.
  15. Carolin Hwozdyk, CCP cast the ballot electing those nominated.
  16. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP introduced the Toronto Chapter’s new President, Gary York, CCP.
  17. Gary York, CCP presented the Incoming President’s speech to the membership and presented to Kamla Ramoutar, CCP an award for her service to the Chapter throughout 2016-2018.
  18. Gary York, CCP called for any further business. As there was not any further business Gary declared the meeting adjourned at 6:45 pm and called Tony Lengua to the podium to introduce guest speaker, Austin Gottlieb.
  19. Gary York, CCP thanked Austin for his presentation on “The Four Pillars of Health” and invited everyone to stay to enjoy refreshments.

Carolin Hwozdyk, CCP
Recording Secretary

When: 19/04/2018 18:00 - 21:00
Where: The Holiday Inn - Toronto Airport East 600 Dixon Road Toronto, ON M9W 1J1 CANADA


We invite you to join us for a FREE informative evening with your fellow credit professionals.

The Annual General Meeting is being held for the following purposes:  Committee Reports, Treasurer's Report, Auditor's Report, Nominating Committee Report and to Appoint our Auditor for 2018-2019.

By order of the Credit Institute of Canada - Toronto Chapter
Secretary:  Carolin Hwozdyk, CCP

The Holiday Inn – Toronto Airport East  
600 Dixon Road, Centennial A Room

Toronto, Ontario
Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Business Meeting 6:00 p.m.
Special Presentation: The Four Pillars of Health.
Refreshments: Meet & Greet.

PARKING IS FREE for this event, DO NOT pay at the parking machine. Go straight to the meeting room as refunds will not be issued (please give your license plate # to Carolin Hwozdyk when you register for this meeting)

Special Presentation: The Four Pillars of Health!
"We all know that Sleep, Stress, Nutrition, and Exercise are important to achieve a healthy lifestyle, but why? What actually happens to our bodies when we are deficient in these 'Pillars of Health' and what can we do to improve upon them? This presentation will inspire you to take control of your health in order to live and perform each day at your maximum potential."

Austin Gottlieb: Bachelor of Information Technology,
Personal Training Specialist
Good Life Fitness
Austin has eight years of experience in health and fitness with more than two years dedicated to being a full-time Personal Trainer. He holds a number of certifications including Nutrition Fundamentals, Advanced Kettlebell, Animal Flow, Fascial Stretch Therapy, Striking Fundamentals and more. Austin truly believes that Personal Training changes lives, which is why he has invested in Personal Training himself for two years.

Receive 20 Professional Development Points

All are welcome to attend our complimentary meeting.

To register please RSVP by email to Carolin Hwozdyk at or call 905-451-2792. To assure free parking include your license plate number.
The Holiday Inn - Toronto Airport East 600 Dixon Road Toronto, ON M9W 1J1 CANADA