Toronto Chapter Annual General Meeting 2016

Toronto Chapter Annual General Meeting 2016

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2016 AGM Minutes
Tuesday April 28, 2016

  1. The President, Gail Maguire, CCP called the meeting to order at 6:22 pm
  2. Gail Maguire, CCP called upon Julie Varey, CCP to read the Notice of Meeting.
  3. The President called upon Bill Zabarylo, CCP (Emeritus), CPA to report the number present.  There were 41 people in attendance, of which 36 were members.
  4.  Gail Maguire, CCP declared this a duly constituted meeting and reminded the attendees that only designated (CCP, ACI and CCP (Emeritus) members that are current paid members are eligible to vote.
  5.  Gail Maguire, CCP called to adopt the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting.
  6. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP made a motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting as published. 
    Seconded by: John Malarczyk, CCP   Carried
  7. Gail Maguire, CCP presented the President's address to the membership.
  8. Gail Maguire, CCP to introduce the Board Members.
  9. Gail Maguire, CCP called upon the committee chairs to present their own report on the activities of their committee for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.

    Bob Thivierge, CCP (Emeritus) – presented the ACI/CCP (Emeritus) Committee report.

    Paul Dover, CCP - Presented the By-Law’s Committee report.
    Seconded by: Takashi Seki, CCP    Carried

    Bill Zabarylo, CCP (Emeritus), CGA - presented the Golf Committee report.
    Gary York, CCP - presented the Membership/Education report.
    Peter Finlay, CCP - presented the National Directors report.
    Lorne Booth, CCP (Emeritus) - presented the Scholarship & Awards Committee report.
    Magda Cristescu, CCP – presented the Seminar Committee report.

    Jim Warren, CCP seconded all committee reports.    Carried

  10.  Kamla Ramoutar, CCP presented the Treasurer’s report and moved for its adoption as presented.
    Seconded by: Paul Dover, CCP    Carried
  11. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP read the Auditor's report and moved for its adoption as presented.
    Seconded by: Julie Varey, CCP    Carried
  12. Gail Maguire, CCP made a motion for the Auditor to remain as Monica Midoshi, CPA.
    Seconded by: Takashi Seki, CCP
  13. Gail Maguire, CCP presented the Nominating Committee report and called for further nominations.
  14. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP made a motion that nominations be closed. 
    Seconded by: Tom Iandoli, CCP    Carried
  15. Julie Varey, CCP cast the ballot electing those nominated.
  16. Gail Maguire, CCP introduced Toronto Chapter's NEW President, Kamla Ramoutar, CCP.
  17. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP addressed the membership as the Incoming President and presented an award to Gail for her service as President from 2014-2016.
  18. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP Called for any further business.  As there was not any further business Kamla declared the meeting adjourned at 7:12 pm.
  19. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP announced a brief board meeting to follow.
  20. Kamla Ramoutar, CCP invited everyone to stay to enjoy the refreshments.

Julie Varey, CCP
Recording Secretary

4/28/2016 6:00 PM
The Holiday Inn - Toronto Airport East 600 Dixon Road Toronto, ON M9W 1J1 CANADA