President's Message

Toronto Chapter President's Address to the 2023 Annual General Meeting

Hello CIC Members,

The year 2022 brought about a sense of renewal after the lockdowns over the past two years, Ontario was finally re-opening again with the lifting of all restrictions. Considering this, we as your Toronto Chapter board began to brainstorm on how we can bring the membership back together through various events.

Technology has provided access and convenience  for us to connect, however we also believe that there is value in us coming together occasionally in person to develop and foster networking opportunities for our membership to grow.  We recognize that their will be some members who will prefer online over in-person events, therefore, we will continue to strive to host both to strike a balance so stay tuned for our upcoming events.

In the next few minutes, you will hear from the various committees on the events that occurred over the past year.  We are always open for new board members to join our committees and welcome new ideas to engage our membership.  We meet once a month, every 2nd Tuesday via zoom @6pm. All we need is your email address to send you an invite to our next meeting.  Please see myself or any of the other board members if you are interested.

I also want to thank the executive committee and each board member for their time and dedication in curating and organizing events to keep our membership engaged.  Next, I would like to acknowledge our photographer, Sandra Strangemore who captures memories of our main events which are our AGM, Golf Tournaments and Graduations.  Be sure to visit our website under photo gallery to view the photos of this evening and other events.

Finally, I also want to thank you the membership for responding to our surveys, signing up and attending events.   In order to make the Toronto Chapter more robust we need engaged members like you, since I believe we will only get stronger together.


Michelle Niles, CCP
Credit Institute of Canada Toronto Chapter