CCP Emeritus

The CCP (Emeritus) designation is awarded to members who have gone above and beyond in their service to the Credit Institute of Canada. It's the highest honour that can be bestowed upon a member of the Institute. No more than 50 individuals can hold the designation in Canada at any one time.

The following members have received the CCP (Emeritus) designation since the time that they received their MCI, FCI or CCP designation:

Lorne Booth, CCP (Emeritus)
William W.K. Cowle, CCP (Emeritus)
R. M. Cox, CPP (Emeritus)
Marcel A Desautels, CCP (Emeritus)
Peter Finlay, CCP (Emeritus)
Don S. French, CCP (Emeritus)
J. L. Kerswill, CCP (Emeritus)
John A. Ledsham, CCP (Emeritus)
Harry L. Mills, CCP (Emeritus)
Robert R. Thivierge, CCP (Emeritus)
Joseph Tomko, CCP (Emeritus)
Richard E Weigand, CCP (Emeritus)
Kenneth P Young, CCP (Emeritus)
William Daniel Zabarylo, CCP (Emeritus)