Fees and Tuition

Student Membership Fee

The Credit Institute of Canada annual fee for students is $160.00. This covers the period of April 1 to March 31, and entitles students to the benefits of active membership. These include free videos, articles and tools from the Knowledge Centre, as well as access to the member-exclusive job board. A full list of member benefits are below.

New Students pay the membership fee at the time of the first registration, and receive a yearly renewal notice until completion of the program. The fee is due by April 1 and must be paid every year even when not taking courses.

Re-activation fee:
If a student does not renew their membership on an annual basis, a re-activation fee of $204.00 per missed year will apply in order to be reinstated into the program.

CCP Course Fees

Course fees vary between $745 - $862 per course and include the costs of textbooks and shipping, lesson materials, and sessional examination fees. Course fees do not include items such as: supplemental or deferred examination fees, stationery, or late assignment submission fees.

International students

International students are subject to a different fee schedule, to accommodate additional fees for shipping course materials and holding exams in their country of residence. Please contact us via our chat line or by email (geninfo@creditedu.org) for details.

Payment of Fees

Enrollment applications must be accompanied by full payment of all applicable fees. Students can choose to enclose a cheque or contact the office to pay by credit card. Arrangements can be made for payment with a post-dated cheque, in those instances; payment must be received in full prior to the start of the course. Contact the office to discuss.

Refund Policy

Please visit the refund policy page for full details.