Refund Policy

Please review the following policies regarding refunds. There are conditions where a refund may not be granted.

CCP Program

If an enrollment application is not accepted by the Credit Institute of Canada, a full refund will be given. Course fees are refundable provided notice of withdrawal is received in writing by the refund deadline . A refund will be approved provided the material for the course is returned unmarked and in reusable condition.

CCA, Short Modules, National Collector, and Certificate Programs 

Fees are non-refundable. As no departure from this policy is permitted, registrants should assess their position carefully before enrolling.  

Student Fees

The Student Membership Fee, Transfer Credit Fee, and Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee are nonrefundable. This is a firm policy and no departure is permitted.


Products, events, and webinars

A refund will be automatically given to registrants if an event is cancelled, including webinars. For all other refunds, please contact the National Office.