2023 Elections for Regional Directors

We are pleased to inform you of the results from the 2023 National Board elections. Your new National Directors for the 2023-2025 term are as follows: 

British Columbia Region

  • Dave Lundrigan, CCP

Ontario Region

  • Lina Chindamo, CCP
  • Sandra King, CCP
  • George Brown, CCP, CPA

Prairie Region

  • Peter Smith, CPA, CA, CCP 

Québec Region

  • Guy Barbeau, CCP

The following national directors will continue on the Board until completion of their terms:
Ed Walsh, CCP, CCE
Dave Hopkyns, ACI
Bill Willoughby, CCP
Ken Young, CCP (Emeritus)




January 13, 2023: Call for Nominations

February 10, 2023: Nominations deadline

February 15, 2023: Deadline for nominees to provide biographies

February 20, 2023: Campaign period begins

February, March, and April 2023: Regional Board Elections: All Candidates Virtual Meetings

March and April 2023: Candidate meet & greets at local Chapters

April 6, 2023 to April 10, 2023: Electronic voting

April 14, 2023: Official release of election results

End of June 2023: First Board meeting with elected regional directors