Commercial Credit Administration Program

The Commercial Credit Administration program is designed for individuals working in the credit sector who are eager to enhance and evolve their current skills in managing credit. The three courses in the program will help you put the building blocks in place so that you can turn your job into a career. When you complete this dynamic program, you will receive a certificate that acknowledges your enriched skills making you more valuable to employers.

Completion of all three courses of the program will also earn you a one year Credit Institute free Affiliate Membership.


With many companies seeking to hire Credit Institute students and graduates, we encourage individuals not in credit-related positions or those aspiring to a career in credit to enroll in the program. Mature students who have not studied for some time can begin their career transition into credit with the Commercial Credit Administration program.

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CC101 - Accounting Essentials

This course is an introduction to some of the essential accounting principles that every credit professional must understand. Its primary focus is to provide students an overview of the preparation and interpretation of accounting information for simple credit decisioning. You will leave this course empowered with new-found skills, and motivated to further your career in business credit management.
(Duration: 10 weeks / Fee: $425)

CC102 - Introduction to Business and Credit Laws

The information in this course is aimed at individuals who either need a refresher or are just beginning their formal study of business and commercial credit laws. In preparing the course material, every effort has been made to avoid the use of difficult and technical wording. The purpose of instruction is to impart knowledge of the basic principles of business and credit laws, providing you a framework for legal issues that may arise in the work done by the credit department.
(Duration: 10 weeks / Fee: $399)

CC103 - Credit Practices: Introduction to Key Concepts

This course introduces you to the key concepts in credit practices. Starting with an overview of the importance of credit in an economy, it goes on to explain the differences between commercial and consumer credit, the types of business entities credit professionals encounter, and the level of credit risk each represents. Particular attention is given to credit risk mitigation through the development of proper credit granting policies and the use of result-oriented collection procedures.

(Duration: 10 weeks / Fee: $399)

Fee for full program, all three courses, $1,163 

Time Schedule

The Commercial Credit Administration program works around your schedule. We understand that you lead a busy life, and we want you to be able to develop your skills when the time is right for you. Delivered entirely online, you don’t spend time traveling to and from classes. Each course can be completed within 10 weeks from registration, and you have 30 weeks to complete the whole program. There is no need to place your life on hold while you push your career ahead with this valuable program.


The assignments and tasks in the Commercial Credit Administration program are dynamic and they are here to help you learn and build your skills. Practical by design, the course work compliments the application of the concepts taught in the program. The assignments are open-book and students submit them electronically for marking. In addition to providing valuable feedback on the marked assignments, instructors are available through the online course forum to answer questions about the course content.

Program Fees

Fees for the Commercial Credit Administration program include all necessary course material and textbooks and are competitive with industry standards for professional development.

GST/HST is applied to all fees and tuition based on your province/territory of residence: AB BC NT NU MB PE QC SK YT: 5% | NB NL ON: 13% | NS: 15%

Note: There is no tax charge for students outside of Canada.

Refund Policy

Fees are non-refundable. Students should assess their position carefully before enrolling. This is a firm policy and no departure is permitted.

Special Features
  • Multi-media lectures, on line 24 x 7
  • Additional notes and reference materials
  • Study at your convenience
  • Enrollment is always open
  • Technical help available on line
  • Opportunity to network with fellow students
  • Assessment through open book examination
  • Graduates receive a special certificate upon completion